Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to medium communications

Here it is, yet another blog about communications and communication media.

I'll use this space to post musings about social media buzz, but I'm going to look at things in the context of the internal corporate communications space. Specifically, how can these new technologies help businesses communicate to and with employees? How can they help business leaders engage with their people, to keep them both informed and interested in what's going on?

I'll also offer my insights into the power of these technologies as it relates to keeping people engaged, and that starts with acknowledging that these tools are simply that - tools. No amount of blogs, wikis, podcasts, micro-blogs (twitter, basically) or discussion boards will engage employees in-and-of-themselves. It takes actual human involvement to do that.

The role of communicators like me is to advise our clients on how to fill these tools with interesting and engaging information. Therein lies the keys to success and, of course, the challenge.

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